The 2022 OBBC Fleet

Click any photo for a larger view.     ** not registered for 2022

'Abby Grace'

**'All Risk'

'Atlantic Blast'


**'Blue FinAddict'


'Brennans Grin'

**'Buzzards Bay Yacht Sales'

'Catch And Reese'

'City Limits'



'Elizabeth Rose'

'El Bendidos'

**'El Diablo'

'End Game'

'Fighting Lady'



**'Game On'

**'Gotta Do'



**'Havana Run'


'Heavy Metal'

**'Hooked Up'


**'Joint Venture'

**'Julia G'

**'Keep Dreamin'

'Kinda Nice'

'Knotty Pirate'

'Lady B'

'Lady Irene'

'Lady Lisa'

'Lights Out'

**'Lisa G'

'Loose Cannon'

**'Miss Jennie'

'Miss Wilder'

**'Molly Brown'

'Mother of Pearls'

'No Mercy'

'Off Site'


'Outnumbered II'

**'Pair of Jacks'


'Picasso Moon'

'Playing Hooky'

'Prestige Worldwide'

**'Rally Cap'


**'Richard J'

'Salty Bear'


'Scup Slayer'

**'Sea Lady'

'Sea Sharp'

**'Sea Ya Lata Pal'

'2nd 2 Nun'


'Shooting Star'

**'Silent Witness'

**'Simon Sez'

'Smookin' Hooz'



'Strictly Business'





**'Tuna Taxi'



**'We're Hooked'

'Wheelin and Dealin'

'Willa M'